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Last Updated On: 11/9/11

Note: "Small pieces" in this article are those that are generally eaten in the same forkful, while "large pieces" are those not eaten on the same forkful.

Brocho before eating this:

If there are small pieces of meat, potato, and barley: Borei Minei Mezonos

If there is no barley, and small pieces: say the bracha on the primary ingredient (for example, if the primary ingredient is Potatoes or Beans, say Borei Pri Ha'adama)

If there are large pieces: each ingredient requires its own separate Bracha (this also applies to large portions of meat or chicken)

Cholent that is soupy does not require a separate bracha on the liquid.

Stuffed Derma (Kishka) and Kugel that is not mixed into the cholent, require separate Brochos.

Brocho after eating this:

If a proper shiur of Mezonos was eaten, say Al Hamichya

If a Shehakol or Ha'adama was said on one of the ingredients, and a proper shiur was eaten, say Borei Nefashos

Source: Based on combined information from both Halachos of Brochos and The Laws of B'rachos